It’s pretty except for the pedestrian deathtrap onramp. Winds were also around 50 MPH or some nonsense too that day.


Sidewalk of HELLThere’s a secret history behind the overpriced wannabe-hippie chain that they’d rather people not see. It’s not pretty or socially correct, or even remotely defensible. And Trader Joe’s has issued clear guidelines to their employees regarding the one thing they don’t want you to know:

They’re selling things in plain view outside their stores.

Violating the privacy of this high-security corporate compound, this reporter was able to snap clear pictures of bags upon bags of wood charcoal well-lit by natural light. Unable to remain in open air 24 hours a day, it’s suspected that they’re moved morning and night by slaves of the wage. In the brave attempt of taking a few shots of inanimate objects in plain view, this reporter was shooed away at the behest of an employee who doesn’t know the difference between imaginary policy and actual law, signifying the flagrant lack of importance the organization places on rational thought or self-respect.

These bags aren’t placed out where everyone with eyes can see them because they want everyone to see them, as one might assume from them being out where everyone can see them. These bags — which can be presumed by any empathetic viewer to contain the carbonized remains of children — obscure one important terror. Melons.

These ripe, innocent melons have been crassly placed for all to see in the hopes that — dreaming of the succulent juices rolling down their chins — man, woman, and child alike would not only see that they’re being sold, but buy one as well. Maybe two, if they could fit them both in their hands. Because if Trader Joe’s didn’t want children dreaming of large, firm melons all day, they wouldn’t place them where any random photographer could take totally sweet and well-exposed shots of them.

Soul Annihilation

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Forest Park, late winter, a set on Flickr.

What do you do when you have a camera, a new-found interest, and a need to be left the hell alone? You wander around a dead city park, that’s what.

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